2021 Pool Membership updates!

2021 Pool Membership updates!
Updates from the Board!

As we begin to see the daffodils poking up through the soil, we hope you are dreaming of hot sunny days around the pool! We are excited to gear up for the 2021 season at Woodmont Rec. Unfortunately,  the COVID-19 pandemic still looms over us;  however, WRA proved last year that we could open safely (not one COVID case was reported to the board all summer), and provide a much-needed recreational outlet to our amazing community!

To quote the COVID-19 buzz phrase “this is a flexible situation”, our plan thus far for the 2021 season will be to open under the same safety plan as we closed under in 2020. This included enhanced cleaning, online sign-up for pool time with the maximum slots we had at the end of the season, and no snack bar to start off. HOWEVER, we will be monitoring the Governor’s advisories and hope to expand access and services as soon as we get the ok!

WRA is a 100% volunteer-run community pool!  Our success is your success and we rely on your support to keep the doors open!

WRA Fiscal update

To bring everyone up to speed and be transparent about the pool fiscal situation we wanted to share the 2018-2020 season account details.

This link will take you to a comparison of the 2018 and 2019 Profit and Loss. As you will see, the pool operates on a fairly simple budget. The main expenses are: Lifeguards/Coaches, Pool Chemicals, Utilities, and Insurance. 2018 and 2019 are reflective of previous years and we typically see about $5-8K in profit which is reinvested for capital improvements.

We also share the 2020 season Profit and Loss. As you will see, we experienced a $5903 loss for the season. This can be directly attributed to the lower membership revenue for the 2020 COVID-19 season, specifically the lack of MVOP. The pool does have a small reserve for emergency maintenance. The board agreed to absorb the 2020 loss by use of the rainy day fund which leaves our pool in a precarious situation should an emergency arise.

Fiscal Situation Moving Forward
Through much discussion and deliberation over the last few years, the board has agreed that we must increase membership fees in order to sustain our beloved pool and pool community.  It has been at least ten years since the fees have increased more than a percentage or two, and this is simply not sustainable.  We intended to increase fees in 2020 but delayed that decision due to COVID.  A major factor in our decision to increase fees at this time is tied to the newly passed legislation to increase the minimum wage to $12/hr by 2023. The WRA board is eager to support this important legislation (after all it’s our kids that work at the pool!).

  • We need help!
    • WRA only functions every year due to the hard work of its members. We save a lot of money every year based on the work (blood, sweat, and tears) donated by our community. We will be reinstating the MVOP hours option, and we will be creating a more thorough tracking system with a running “to do” list. Please note: If you know you will not be volunteering you are welcome to pay in full at the beginning of the season. That helps too!

Despite a challenging year, WRA  made a number of improvements in 2020!

  • We launched a new online system to manage pool memberships/payments. This was fortuitous as it allowed for online booking. This system will also manage snack bar accounts when we can re-open concessions.
  • A very hardworking group removed the chain link fencing around one of the tennis courts and removed the dilapidated viewing platform. This area is now much safer and can return to nature. We’ve discussed everything from dog walking area, firepit and BBQ to gazebos and walking paths, the sky’s the limit for this area.
  • Internal stairs built to the pump house to keep the guards safer
  • We hosted a series of fabulous food trucks in our parking lot and will continue that this year

The following are at the top of our list for 2021:

  • Replacing all broken pool lights
  • Removing the barbed wire
  • Arrange a beautification weekend of the grounds
  • Improving the game area and kitchen for events and rentals
  • Repairing the concrete retaining walls and painting…everything that needs paint!

As we prepare the pool for summer 2021 lookout for lots of MVOP opportunities!

If you’re anything like us, you can see a million little things that need doing around the pool. We are always eager for member-driven projects to be completed! Our accounts don’t have a huge amount of flexibility for high-dollar projects, but if you are willing to organize a project we can swing for paint, wood, nails etc….Let us know!


Membership Changes

We have restructured the memberships to be a bit more flexible for every situation. We will maintain a Seniors membership the same as before but have tweaked the definition of the others.

  • Family of One membership can be seen as individual membership but now can also be signed up for anyone old enough to attend the pool (rising 6th grader). If you have one family member who wants to join and not everyone else will ever be going, this can be used for that now.
  • The Family of Two membership still includes couples, but now also includes any two people living in the same house who wish to join. Roommates? Single Parent with Single kid? Any two people from the same house? Choose this as your sign-up plan!
  • The Family Plan will be similar to the past, basically any group of 3+ living in the same house, you will fall in this category.

We hope this clarifies and modernizes our fee structure to accommodate everyone in all situations. If there is something that you don’t fit into or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the membership as well strive to work with everyone to ensure they can join.

All tiers have the ability to pre-pay the whole summer now or set up monthly installments. MVOP is pre-billed for all and upon completion is reimbursed back to you. If you sign up to help with all the pool opening tasks you can have your MVOP knocked out and refunded back before the pool even opens.

We look forward to this summer returning to something that resembles normal and hope we can all have a happy and healthy summer in 2021.


WRA Board

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