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2022 Memberships now open!
2022 Memberships now open!

Hi Everyone!

As we begin to see the daffodils blooming, we hope you are dreaming of hot sunny days around the pool! We are excited to gear up for the 2022 season at Woodmont Rec. 

WRA Fiscal update

As a reminder, WRA has been running as a neighborhood pool since 1962. We are a tax-exempt non-profit, neighborhood owned recreation association. We are 100% volunteer board run. If you would like to know more about our organization you can access the bylaws here.

For the first time in many years, the WRA reported a healthy profit. This is an exciting time for WRA. During the off-season, we have made some significant investments that will improve your experience at WRA and help ensure its financial security moving forward.

$27,000 Replace all 11 Skimmers (basically the pool filter system, will reduce hair/debris) – work starts March 1

$14,700 New Roof for the pool building was completed in December and looks great!

$17,000 For 120 New Chairs with a life expectancy of 15 yrs (due to supply chain issues these are scheduled for delivery close if not shortly after we open in May)

$5,000 to overhaul the landscaping around the perimeter of the pool. We have also budgeted for this to be maintained throughout the season

$3,800 to remove 3 trees that were threatening the pool and damaging the filtration system

A number of other smaller cosmetic upgrades including paint, signage and storage are ongoing.

We are seeking applications for the role of pool manager so please help us recruit!

Fiscal Situation Moving Forward

To maintain our good progress, begin to create a long term investment plan, address and keep up with the increased labor and material costs, we will continue to make small increases to our membership fee. 

We still need help!

  • WRA only functions every year due to the hard work of its members. We save a lot of money every year based on the work (blood, sweat, and tears) donated by our community. We will still be offering the MVOP hours option. This offers a $125 dollar reimbursement on the completion of 5 hrs of approved volunteer work.
    Please note: If you know you will not be volunteering don’t worry! The money helps too! If you want to volunteer and not request your money back that helps too! 
  • As we prepare the pool for summer 2022 lookout for lots of MVOP opportunities!
  • We are still looking for help on the Board in the way of a Communications person. So if you are frustrated by our communication and think we could do more please step up and help!

If you’re anything like us, you can see a million little things that need doing around the pool. Please know we all see different things and we are volunteer-run so there isn’t someone on tap and ready to resolve the issue. We are eager for member-driven projects to be completed! Our accounts don’t have a huge amount of flexibility for high dollar projects, but if you are willing to take the lead on organizing a project we can often swing for paint, wood, nails etc….Let us know! Reach out to Sarah (Treasurer) to propose a plan to the board.


Membership Plans for 2022

We have maintained our membership structure for the 2022 season. We will explore opening one-month options after June 1st if our capacity allows.  

  • A Family of One membership can be seen as individual membership but now can also be signed up for anyone old enough to attend the pool (rising 6th grader). If you have one family member who want to join and not everyone else will ever be going, this can be used for that now. 
  • The Family of Two membership still includes couples, but now also includes any two people living in the same house who wish to join. Roommates? Single Parent with Single kid? Any two people from the same house? Choose this as your sign up plan!
  • The Family Plan will be similar to the past, basically any group of 3+ living in the same house, you will fall in this category. 

We hope this clarifies and modernizes our fee structure to accommodate everyone in all situations. If there is something that you don’t fit into or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Cory (membership) as we strive to ensure everyone can join.

All tiers have the ability to pre-pay the whole summer now or set up monthly instalments. We are offering early bird pricing till April 17th.

MVOP is pre-billed for all and upon completion is reimbursed back to you. If you sign up to help with all the pool opening tasks you can have your MVOP knocked out and refunded back before the pool even opens.

 If you are ready to sign up, click here to head over to the site now

We look forward to having fun and making memories during Summer 2022.



Your volunteer WRA Board

Mike, Aaron, Sarah, Cory, Jesse, Brian, Ginger, Manh, and Abby


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