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How does your garden grow?

Join us!

A few WRA members found the containerized gardens at the old tennis courts to be a source of sanity during these crazy times. We want you to know ALL members are invited to join the fun, build a box, and grow your own bounty!  Or, if you don’t have the back strength to build one 🙂 we can build one for you!
Participants would only need to pay for materials for the box and an annual fee of $25 per year (to pay for irrigation).
If you have questions on how to get involved, please contact Jason Owen at 804.814.7952 or at jaymowen@gmail.com.
Or find us on Facebook
https://www.facebook.com/tenniscourtgarden with instructions on how to build a box, tips for irrigation / composting, etc.

WRA Tennis Court Gardens

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